what's your "Key craft"?

The holders are made by the hands of master Keizo, from whom Kei-Craft's name is coming.

But also, it's a wordplay on "Key Craft", a concept that means "reason for being". It can be anything from your job to a hobby to a bigger mission you chose for yourself. Something that keeps you moving from day to day.

What's your Key Craft? 


The master

Keizo Takamatsu is a 76-old craftsman, he spent his career working as a metal sheet worker, restoring cars. After retiring, Keizo continues on his passion for creating, making all sorts of crafts. He was making some presents for his grandchildren when his son approached with the idea of the ballholder.   

Together they created a convenient and stylish solution for carrying a ball.


every holder is unique

Each craft differs from one to another. Metal gets some small scars, leather tints and its texture varies. But the same happens to your ball, right? All those imperfections are proof of your work. So wear them proudly, and let our ballholders help.