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Ibuki Yoshida


"Ever since I met this brand, Kei-Craft ballholder is with me wherever I go. You put the ball in it and it makes you look so cool. Gives me confidence"

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Pekko Piirto


"Kei-Craft is an awesome and extremely stylish way to carry your ball around the town. Also, the materials are very high of quality so you won’t need to worry about your ballholder getting broken!"

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Fahad Al Braiki


"Kei-craft is a staple piece for every baller and freestyler. The great quality and original concept makes this product an integral part of the freestyle culture”

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Kyoya Sako


"I fell in love with it at first sight and bought a denim ballholder as soon as it hit the store. I quit my job and started leaving a freestyle life taking my ball everywhere. A couple of years later I paid for a custom ballholder to be made especially for me. Now it's one of the most important things that support me"

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Jordan Morrison


"I've used my Kei-Craft daily for 3 years now and often I get compliments from strangers. The quality of the product is outstanding, with no signs of breaking anytime soon, I'll have this ball holder for many many years to come"

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Sven Fielitz


"It has made my travels much more convenient because as a performer I'm always on the road - and I always need to bring my ball along. With my ballholder, I don't need to think about giving up space in my backpack. I just attach it to my bag, and I'm free to go"

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Vlad K. 


"Girls think that I practice BDSM when they see my Kei-Craft.
But when they understand, I'm a freestyler, they get even more curious about me"

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Gleb Karpov


"Kei-Craft helps me combine my work and passion. It saves space in my backpack on the way to the job or during traveling. And because the ball is always in front of my eyes, I never forget my will to train"